Three suggestions for nature photography

Don’t forget about the close plan

When choosing a landscape for panoramic photography, make sure that the foreground is not blank. In space, proportions are important, its depth will be emphasized by the subject of the near plan. For the same reason, let an unoccupied area of ​​space – sky, sand, water, fields – not enter the frame. Remember that this landscape “pause” should not take more than one-fifth of the frame.

Find an interesting composition

It is also important to balance the shot: it is not bad if the abundance of vertical elements in the composition (for example, a row of slender birches) is “balanced” by a squat bush, natural terraces, a stream, hills, stones – boulders. At first, it seems that such a balanced landscape is difficult to find in nature, but sometimes it is enough just to change the shooting angle or bypass the lawn from the other side so that the photographer’s instinct suggests the right solution.

Don’t try to capture everything at once

The minimalism of detail is the best trend for a landscape. Do not seek to “capture” more with the camera – pictures of novice photographers are often overloaded with unnecessary elements: wanting to place in the frame and the sky with a flock of birds, and trees near the coast, and a steep slope, and a boat on the river, it is very easy to ruin the picture. Always cut off the unnecessary – photography will only benefit from this. Better take a few shots. Nothing should distract from the main thing in the frame.

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