Light presets for night photography

Alex Tan, a photographer and art director, believes that night photography is the best environment to work with because, unlike daylight, nighttime light “doesn’t change — it’s almost the same throughout the night. Therefore, you have many opportunities for experimentation at your disposal; you can try new things until you know you get the point without worrying about changing lighting. When you are outside during the day, the sun is constantly changing. ”

This consistency gives you extra time, and even if a slow shutter speed and wide aperture is required, you can experiment with evenly lit backgrounds.

Anthony Pidgeon, a veteran of low-light and night photography, recommends several ways to study light for night street photography. He notes that “in many cases it is necessary to use light to define the shape or scale of objects. So, if the light hits one part of the building and just fades out, making it impossible to determine where the building ends and the night sky begins, it doesn’t look good. Find a way to grab an object in the corner of the building to define the boundary. This may be enough to interest the viewer. Sometimes you can just wait for the car to pass and for a second shine the headlights on the right place, highlighting the edge of the building. You need to switch to a different mindset to constantly think about composition. Since there are fewer opportunities to work, something needs to be added. “

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