It’s All About Colour for Studio Nucleo + Nilufar Gallery

It’s All About Colour for Studio Nucleo + Nilufar Gallery

Studio Nucleo, a Turin-based collective of designers and artists led by Piergiorgio Robino, presents an exhibition dedicated to the studio’s own collections and new productions, and to celebrate their 10th year of collaboration with Nilufar Gallery. Titled It’s All About Colour, Nucleo with be exhibiting six projects selected by Nina Yashar from now through November 30, 2020 at Nilufar Gallery, via della Spiga 32.

It’s All About Colour will be an “in fieri” exhibition, or in progress. Pieces will arrive at the gallery monthly, with the first being Primitive, Nilufar’s first project for Salone del Mobile in 2010. Exhibited around the world since, it’s received an upgrade to full color from its signature white for this milestone event.

Presenze, the second collection presented by Nilufar, showcases a fresh palette. A vase from 2014 is recolored with an innovative technique, while an unpublished console is made with resin cubes recycled from past editions and recolored with a dark light.

The year 2014 also brought the Cages bookcase, made with an iron structure and framed in polished, patinated bronze.

In 2015, Nucleo presented Relief at Nilufar Depot, the sum of an artifact merging with its display through a bench, shelf, and console. The display itself becomes an installation, joining the artifact and becoming one singular work.

Nucleo’s latest project is Color Lenses, and will be the last added to It’s All About Colour. This collection – a bench, stools, floor lamps, and wall lighting – were designed exclusively for Nilufar. The objects play with transparency and multiplication of color, enchanting the viewer with their ever-changing reflections. The new series consists of several transparent volumes of polished resin.

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