Author: Karsyn

Some Powerful Portrait Photography Composition Examples Incorporating Trees and Leaves

Today we are going to share a few portrait photography composition examples in nature that we thought were quite clever with their use of trees and leaves. As you probably know, coming up with interesting ideas for a shoot can be quite difficult. For that reason we sometimes like to put together image collections that…Continue reading

How to do Long Exposure Photography and Light Trails at Night

Before I understood how photography worked, I was always intrigued by light trails in images. I never understood how that happened. When I began to study photography, one of the first assignments I did was an advanced course on night photography. I decided I would try and capture some light trails. I set up my camera, made sure the settings were correct and waited. A few cars went past, but my timing was off andContinue reading

Six macro photography ideas that you’ve (probably) never tried before

A few days ago, we spoke about five reasons to use vintage macro lenses. And if you don’t know where to start shooting, here are some pretty cool ideas. In this video, COOPH gives you six macro photography ideas that you have probably never seen or tried before. Let’s see what they’ve got for us and get inspired. 1. Magnetic macro I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been fascinated with magnetic dust andContinue reading

The revival of a classic: Meyer Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100 f2.8 II

Very few photography brands can sustain a legacy full of history. With the Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 II, Meyer Optik Görlitz has brought back a 100-year-old design with modern quality construction that renders a vintage unique style that endures artistic at this modern age. A glance into the past Founded in Germany and based in Görlitz, Saxony, Meyer Optik Görlitz can look back on an eventful history since 1896. During this path, the company designed andContinue reading

Day vs. Night Photography Technique

We have another creative technique to add to your bag of tricks.  In this video, we’ll show you from start to finish how we took an ordinary scene and turned it from day to night in one single exposure, in-camera. This is just one episode from our IGTV series we’re doing every two weeks on Profoto’s called “Slice of Pye.” We’ll cover a myriad of topics, discuss lighting principles, and showcase a ton of ProfotoContinue reading

Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Men

Previously we’ve created posing guides with suggested sample poses to help you get started posing women (also see part 2 for posing women), posing children, posing couples, posing groups, and posing weddings, so today let’s look at some sample starting poses for photographing men.Men are usually less comfortable with being photographed, so it’s important to set them at ease with posing in order to get good results. It is always a good idea to prepareContinue reading