A short guide on taking photos of people for beginners

Proper preparation

Important! Talk to your model. Our main advice is to plan a photo session in advance, explain to the models what and how you plan to photograph. It is important to agree even on such trifles as commands “to the right”, “to the left” – so that your model immediately understands whether you mean to the right of yourself or to her. Rehearse difficult moments in advance, ask the model to portray different emotional states (depending on the purpose of the photoshoot), for example, arrogance, sadness or thoughtfulness. If you have enough time, shoot two shots in a row, otherwise (in the worst case) it may turn out that in one shot the model is blinking, and the photo will be hopelessly ruined. Professionals usually create a sketch of a photograph in advance, in which they depict the facial expression, pose of the model and the setting of light.

General recommendations

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is cropping incorrectly: cropped elbows, shins and fingers look odd, and this also applies when the model has her hands in her pockets. Suggest that your model, for example, cross her arms over her chest (determination posture), raise her arms to face level (wounded expression), or have he or she take something in her hand.

Perspective also plays an important role. If you shoot from the bottom up (shooting from a low point), then your model will look dominant, and when shooting from a high point, the person looks weak and dependent. For this reason, it is better to photograph children at eye level, for this you can squat down.

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